We begin Construction of the New Church in March, 2017! We need everyone's help to meet this goal. Please learn more about our new church and how you can help. Visit: BuildSacredHeartChurch.org today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The week before last, in anticipation of building our new church, we made submittal of a pre-review of the church building project to the city of Lancaster. We provided the city with a site plan, elevations of the exterior, and a floor plan of our proposed church for their review and comment. We wanted to know if we were in compliance with the local requirements and laws, before we met with the LAAD Building Commission at years end. This preview is also a needed step in the process of applying for a Conditional Use permit from the city.

Now I would like to address some of the questions that have been made regarding the picture we handed out after Mass September 13th. 

Is the Altar in the picture the one that we will be using? …. No, it is only in the computer generated picture to depict the location of where the Altar will be located. It has not been decided yet what the Altar will be made of. It may be possible to utilize our current Altar and Ambo if they are movable. 

The picture does not show kneelers! Yes, there will be kneelers in the new church; they were left out of the picture so as to allow a better view of the proposed pews. 

Where is the Tabernacle? It will be located in the Adoration Chapel which is behind the stained glass windows on the left side of the picture. 

Where are the candles and statues? … There are a number of items in addition to the candles and statues, such as the presider’s chairs, that were intentionally left out of the computer generated pictures at this time. The intent of the early stage pictures is to be more structural rather than cosmetic.  

Can we remove the audio/visual screens?Here again, the intent of our architect was to show that we will have the ability to provide audio and visual effects. When not in use, the screens will be retractable into a decorative piece mounted on the wall. 

Is the floor sloped?Yes, it will have a very minimal slope form the back aisle areas to the flat area in front of the Altar area.

As we move forward in the interior design process we will keep you informed and answer any and all question to the best of our ability.
God bless, Building Committee