Serving at the Altar is a special privilege and great blessing.  Not only are they assisting the priest, they also have the opportunity to learn more about their faith and the Mass. Altar Servers are close to the altar as they serve the priest, carry the cross, and carry the light of Christ as the Gospel is proclaimed.  Our young altar servers wear the robe of baptism (the alb), which is a sign of their position in the community as baptized people.  They hold the book of the prayers (the Roman Missal), and they help the priest at the altar.  How wonderful this is!

This ministry is open to girls and boys eleven years and up. Being an Altar Server is a liturgical function, therefore one must be a baptized and have received First Communion (some exceptions are made).  It is out of one’s baptism into the Body of Christ that they are called to this ministry. 

Prayer for Altar Servers

Father in heaven, your Son, Jesus Christ, showed his love for you by serving his needy brothers and sisters. I now ask you to give me your help as I serve you and your people. Open my mouth to praise you in word and song. Open my ears to hear your Word. Open my hands to do your work well. Take from my heart all evil and distracting thoughts. Help me know what I should do, and do it well. Help me to serve reverently at your holy altar, and so give you praise and glory, now and forever.  Amen.

Coordinator: Briana Schalow 661-236-7978  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

February 2018 Schedule

New Instructions: 
  1. Please be sure to be dressed appropriately for mass.  Even though you are wearing an alb, you should still be dressed nicely.  No shorts! Also, please be sure to wear dress shoes.
  2. Lead server/cross bearer - when lining up before mass the cross bearer should stand next to the fourth pew from the back in order to leave room for all of the ministers.
  3. Candle bearers - At the end of mass do not take the candles from the altar.  You will process out without the candles in your normal place.
  4. When the last person has received communion please sit down.  Do not wait for the priest to sit. Watch for the last person to receive the Blood and then sit.