Still on the mystery of the holy Mass, let us have a taste of what the Saints say about it. I believe this will lead us to deeper reflection on the gift of God to us. 

For Timothy of Jerusalem:  “The World would have been destroyed long ago because of the sins of men, had it not been for the Mass. There is nothing that appeases the anger of God so much, nothing that obtains for us so many blessings as the Mass.”

St. Lawrence Justinian: “There is no prayer or good work so great, so pleasing to God, so useful to us as the Mass. No human tongue can describe the immense favors and blessings which we receive from the Mass. The sinner obtains pardon, the good man becomes more holy, our faults are corrected and our vices uprooted by hearing Holy Mass.”

St. Hanon, Bishop of Cologne, once saw a globe of extraordinary beauty and brilliance circle round the Chalice at the Consecration and then enter the sacred vessel.  He was so filled with amazement that he feared to go on with the Mass. But God revealed to him that what he saw, though not visible to our human eyes, happens every time the Priest celebrates the Mass.  God also revealed that the host used for Mass is nothing less than the great Eternal, Omnipotent God who fills Heaven with His Majesty.

St. Fornerius: “By one Mass which we hear in the state of grace, we give God more pleasure and obtain for ourselves more benefits and favors than by the longest and most painful pilgrimages.”

St. Bonaventure: “The Mass is a compendium of all God’s love, of all His benefits to men, and each Mass bestows on the world a benefit not less than what was conferred on it by the Incarnation.”

St. Odo of Cluny: “The happiness of the world comes from the Mass.”

Fr. Pierre Marchant: “If we were to offer to the Holy Trinity all the penances, all the sufferings of the twelve Apostles and the millions of martyrs, all would give Him less glory and pleasure than one Mass! Why? Because the Mass is truly and really the Sacrifice of Mount Calvary. In the Mass Jesus Christ offers to His Eternal Father all the pains, humiliations and infinite merits of His Passion and Death. The Mass obtains for us the very greatest graces, blessings and favors, spiritual and temporal graces that we could not possibly receive in any other way. It saves us from countless dangers and delivers us from the evil that threatens us.

For St. Thomas, the Mass is nothing less than the Sacrifice of Calvary renewed on the altar, and adds  that every Mass brings to men the same benefits as the Sacrifice of the Cross.

At this juncture, let us have a brief purse and ask this question: If the Saints could say all this about the holy Mass, is it possible that we are still doubting the efficacy of the Mass?

( to be continued)