At the beginning of this reflection, I raised some mind bogging opinions of some people with regard to their feelings and views concerning the nature and the efficacy of the Mass. For instance, their contention that they “feel nothing” when the priest is celebrating Mass. 

I want to say that the ‘feeling of nothing’ is as a result of their inability to believe and accept the teachings of Jesus Christ on the reality of the Holy Mass. Everything about the Holy Mass was taught and handed over to the Church by Jesus himself. The Mass is divided into two parts- liturgy of the world and liturgy of the sacrament. The liturgy of the word comprises the readings at the Mass (First, Second and Gospel readings) and the penitential rites. The liturgy of the sacrament comprises the Eucharist, the prayers for consecration and after communion. Each of these parts of the Mass centers on Jesus and nothing more. The reading at Mass is the Word of God and Jesus is the fulfillment of the Word of God.

The Eucharist which is the center and summit of Christian life was instituted by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper and it is truly and really the body of Christ. During Mass, this Last Supper of Jesus where He gave the Church his body, is re-enacted through the Priest who functions in the person of Christ. At this time, Jesus acts through the priest who is ordained according to His order and the miracle of transubstantiation takes place after the prayers of Consecration. So, Jesus is not only present at Mass in the form of Body and Blood, He offers the sacrifice of the cross through his Priest. This is why the holy Mass is the highest form of prayer and a stupendous mystery. This can only be felt with our spiritual eyes when we believe and accept this teaching of Jesus vis-à-vis the mystery of the holy Mass.

Therefore, as the highest form of prayer, it is needless to do any other form of prayers like the Rosary and other devotions of the Church when the Mass is celebrated. This is the reason why people are encouraged to join in at Mass when it is being celebrated and not to engage in personal devotions. 

Basically we can “feel something” only if we have the right understanding, disposition and approach to the Mass. Personally, I have very great attachment and devotion to the Holy mass. Therefore, I perceive every Mass I celebrate as my first Mass and my last Mass.  Celebrating the Mass for me is an opportunity to thank God for saving us, making me his priest and sharing in his daily miracle of giving his body and blood to people. I have encountered his power during Mass and it is real. Holy Mass is my power, my faith and my stronghold.