Being ‘Relevant’ in the Modern World

The question often comes up: “How do we make the Church relevant in the modern world?” It is an important question, but also a dangerous one. It is easy to confuse ‘relevance’ with ‘being trendy’; as I wrote about previously, our first duty as disciples is to the Gospel and we can’t make the mistake of compromising the truth in our search to find relevance.

There are plenty of protestant mega-churches that have struggled with this problem. Rock concerts and hipster fashion will get people in the front door, but it won’t keep them in a pew. When the novelty is gone, so are they.

Still in doubt about confessing your sins to God through the Priest? Please, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Whatever is confessed by the penitent to the confessor in the confessional remains a secret.

I want to start my “story” by referring you to this great movie “I CONFESS” by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie actually reveals the confidentiality of the confessional seal ( - a priest who heard a murder confession).

Peace and blessings! On this first week of November the Catholic Church in the United States celebrates National Vocations Awareness Week. First started in 1976 by the US Catholic Bishops, this annual week-long celebration promotes vocations to the priesthood, diaconate, and consecrated life. As one family we take this time to pray for those discerning a vocation, to educate one another on the role of vocations in our life as a Church, and to foster a culture of vocations within our families. 

“Courage is not the absence of fear. It is acting in spite of it.”  Mark Twain

My vocational story to follow Christ has been a love story of courage. Everyone has a story; a beginning, middle, and an end. How we begin our story, in our upbringing, is not necessarily up to us, but how we do the rest of our life, how we write the rest of our story, is within our reach, with the grace of God. In story telling we know that every good story should be grounded in a good beginning and of course a riveting ending. Nevertheless, somewhere along the story writing process we get struck by life situations that cause us to lose sight of our one true story. 

They’re Baaack…”

It’s that time again: the every four year run-up to the presidential elections is upon us. The debates have started--both on television and in living rooms, lunch rooms and around water coolers all over the country. These debates, both official and un-official, will get more intense as we get closer to next November. They will highlight, reinforce and potentially deepen the political and ideological divisions that are already such a big part of modern American life.

So, as disciples of Jesus Christ, where do we fit in to this whole picture?