Have you noticed that the rate at which people go for the Sacramental Reconciliation (confession) has been on the decline in recent times? 

One may wonder why. I think a quick answer to this question is that many people do not really comprehend what actually happens when a penitent approaches this Throne of Mercy. More deeply, a great majority have no in depth knowledge of the Church's teaching, vis-à-vis this all important Sacrament. So for them, how can they confess their sins to a human being like themselves, whereas the bible tells us to confess our sins to God and not to a priest?

The word "mystery" might make you feel as though this it is to be left to the saints to understand, but the opposite is true. When we see the paschal mystery viewed through a human lens, it simply gives us an insight into the pattern of living that Jesus set into action when He resurrected from His suffering and death. You see, as human beings, we are all participants of this "mystery".

An Experiment

As the deadline for my first post on the new blog approached, I had a bunch of great topic ideas (‘History of Church Vestments in the Middle Ages’, anyone?), but instead of going with one of those I decided to try an experiment. I put out a call on my Facebook feed to parishioners, non-parishioners, Catholics, non-Catholics, non-Christians…anyone. What would they want to hear about?

Thank you for your visit! We hope that you find the blogs to be nourishing in your relationship with our Lord and uplifting in your day-to-day life as a disciple. You’ll soon notice that my blog reflections have as their source our celebration of the Eucharist—Mass. I hope to try and make connections with the Mass and daily living; they are, after all, meant to intersect.

In my last entry, I wrote about

Have you ever noticed how people stare at us whenever we have celebrations or devotions in honor of our Blessed Mother? A gaze that says, for most of them, Catholics are Idolatrous! How do we feel in such situations? Is it true we worship Our Mother Mary? Do Catholics actually worship Mary?

Okay, let’s talk about that.