When Death Is Imminent

When a Catholic is approaching death, a priest should be brought in to administer the Anointing of the Sick and give Holy Communion to the dying person. Call the parish office at (661) 942-7122 for a visit. 

After Death Occurs

Please know that the parish community of Sacred Heart is deeply sorry for your loss and wishes to accompany you with our prayers and walk you through the preparation of the funeral for your loved one. A member of the family may contact the funeral home to begin making the arrangements. For your convenience, the funeral home will contact our parish to communicate the plans discussed with the family. A bereavement minister from the parish will then contact the family in order to help arrange the services for their loved one. 

Funerals/Memorials/Vigils/Graveside Services

Options for liturgical services that will honor the life of your family member or friend include: a Vigil service (usually held at the Mortuary the evening before the Funeral), a Funeral Mass (at the Church), a funeral outside of Mass (without the Rite of Eucharist), a memorial service, and/or a graveside internment service.  

Bereavement Care:

The Bereavement Ministry of Sacred Heart Parish serves families who have lost a loved one. The members of the ministry are trained to comfort and support the grieving families by hearing their thoughts and sharing their tears. They will assist you in planning a liturgy that meets your needs, including assisting at the Funeral Mass or other liturgy, the selection of readings and music, and coordinating the details of the liturgy. We want you to know that we are here to listen and support you through this difficult time, not just for the day of the service, but also in the weeks to follow.  

A Word Concerning Cremation 

This is a viable option for Catholics; however, the cremains must be treated with respect. Therefore, the remains should buried or placed in a mausoleum in order to honor the person who has died. Spreading the remains or sharing them with family members is not the proper way to lay the person to rest.